Modern stairs

Tähtiporras is specialized also in manufacturing modern stairs. Our selection includes very popular glass railing stairs and metal baluster railing stairs.

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Wooden stairs


Tähtiporras also manufactures traditional wooden stairs. We have built three different wooden stair products. In our collection, you can find wooden stair models Capella, Vega and Polaris.

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Newel posts, handrails and railings

Tähtiporras stair entities are decorated with stylish and customer chosen newel post, handrail and railing choices. Tähtiporras railing models are divided according to different stair models, the railing can be traditional wood, modern glass or loft-style metal railing. Railings can be finished with different choices. Choices for materials in our newel post, handrail and railing models are pine, birch, beech, oak, metal, glass or stainless steel.

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Accessories for stairs

The stairs can be further decorated or tailored more to suit the use and the target with different accessories. Tähtiporras offers among other things the following accessories: starting steps of different forms, anti-slips with grooving, strip or tape, child security gates, led-lights, solution for a cupboard below the stair and decorative knobs. With starting steps, you can ease the stepping up to the stair e.g. sidewards or in tighter spaces, you can move the starting point of the railing due to the starting step. With anti-slips, led-lights and child security gates you can considerably improve the security of the target and the stair and the safe using of the stair. Led-lights usually replace the need for other lighting entirely in the stairway and they are, due to led-qualities, very environmental and energy friendly. Many people use led-lights in stairs as so called night lights. With a cupboard solution below the stair that is built when the stair is delivered you can make good use of the space below the stairs e.g. as a storage room.

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Installation service for stairs

It is recommended to order a professionally skilled installation in the same delivery when ordering the stairs. If you have the know-how and enthusiasm, you can, of course, install the stairs yourself. We deliver installation instructions with the stair delivery. When an expert installs the stairs, the whole delivery with the installation work is granted a two-year guarantee. When ordering the stairs installed in basic installation, the customer needs to organize lifting help for our mounter when the installation is being done. Check out in more detail! Check out in more detail!

Exchanging old stairs for new ones

The renovation service exchanges the old and worn down stairs for new ones. New stairs improve the appearance of the whole apartment and increase the cosyness and value of the apartment significantly. When needed, we can dismantle old stairs and take them away. Furthermore, in a small scale, we offer the finishing work of the stair opening, according to contract, ask for a tender from our salesman. Tähtiporras offers individual solutions for stairs, not just for new buildings, but for every home or holiday residence. Check out in more detail!

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