Child security gates to stairs

Child security gate increases security, when having a small child in the family, who starts to explore the environment and to move around. In Tähtiporras selection, there is a traditional wooden fixed child security gate and an accordion formed child security gate.

Ordinary child security gate

tavallinen lapsiportti portaisiin

Accordion child security gate

haitari lapsiportti

Starting steps

Ordinary starting step

Starting step with grooving

Anti-slip for stairs

Anti-slip brings grip and security for stairs. Anti-slip can be implemented by grooving the stair or with a rubber anti-slip strip.


liukueste urittamalla

Anti-slip strip (rubber)

liukueste kumilla

Decorative knobs

Round decorative knob Ø 85

Cone decorative knob 110×110/125×125

Led-lighting for stairs

Led-lighting below the tread

Led-lighting to the side of the stringer

Glass railings

Glass inner railing transparent

Glass inner railing tinted

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